Fire Chief Tim Butler

Fire Chief Tim Butler
Thanks for checking out my web log! My radio call sign in Saint Paul is "Car 1." Join me as we go "On Scene" to the fire stations, training evolutions, emergency incidents, and community events in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Let's share perspectives on the issues facing our Department, our community, and the American Fire Service!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Up again at 3:00 AM to study for today’s “Week 7” Quiz on Auto Extrication, Firefighter Survival, and Response to Terrorism. Today is “Hump Day” – we have completed exactly 6 ½ weeks of training, and we have 6 ½ weeks left – we be over “the hump” today (although I recall Chief Morehead’s previous warning that EVERY remaining day will be a challenging “hump” to get over). We have covered most of the textbook subjects, and next week we take our Firefighter I certification test and complete the Second Quarter Practical Exam.

The Recruit Academy has been an extremely rewarding experience so far! It has broaden my perspective of what “firefighting” is all about – the extremely wide range of services provided by the American Fire Service and specifically, the Saint Paul Fire Department. I am far more familiar with the operational aspects of our department, the tools and equipment we use, and the personalities and talents of many of the crews and instructors that have assisted our class. My appreciation for the members of our department has been significantly deepened by this experience as well. We have many, many extremely talented and knowledgeable men and women on this Department – freely sharing their experience, time, and talents with us! I am privileged to have been taught by them, and honored to serve with them!

For me, the time commitment and extra strain on both “my real job” and my family life has been extensive, but an unbelievably valuable investment overall. The extra time and effort to go through this academy has been worth every minute and every sacrifice so far! Attaining that broadened perspective, that deeper appreciation, and a more thorough knowledge of field operations were some of my primary personal objectives when I set out on this journey. I am achieving the things I had hoped to accomplish by attending Recruit Training. I’m having a great time bonding with the newest talent in the Department, and I’m learning so much from some of the wisest and most experienced people in the Department. I am very much looking forward to the next 6 ½ weeks and (fingers crossed) graduation!

Well, enough writing for now – I’ve got 2 hours to study and review my notes before Quiz #7 !!

Thanks for following along on this journey with me!


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  1. I can feel the pride in your writings knowing that one day you will be out helping people in the community, saving lives. I too wanna follow this path. I grew up always wanting to help people in my life, but never really knew how. But now I know, and I am going to take that same road as you and suceed no matter how dificult it may be. I wish you the best of luck and I hope someday we can fight together. Good luck to you Tim, and god be with you.
    -David Dupree