Fire Chief Tim Butler

Fire Chief Tim Butler
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Friday, September 7, 2012


Day 7 - Campus Fire Safety Month

The other day on this web log, I discussed having "Two Ways Out." That's part of what's called "situational awareness" - being alert to your physical surroundings and the events that are happening around you. By anticipating a possible emergency situation and maintaining your situational awareness, you can be better prepared to respond to and safely escape a fire or other emergency situation.

Besides pre-planning "Two Ways Out" of every room, college students should also take a few minutes to explore new surroundings (dormitory building, off-campus housing, academic buildings, and social gathering areas), and note some key reference points in order to maintain situational awareness. At all times, students should know:

• Two Ways Out

• Location of the nearest fire alarm pull station

• Location of the nearest fire extinguisher

• Location of the nearest telephone (not counting cell phones)

• The street address and building number/name where you are

• The emergency number you dial to summon campus emergency responders

• The smoke alarm near your sleeping area and when it was last tested

• The location of the nearest AED and first aid kit/station

This is not a comprehensive list by any means, but these few items will help ensure that a student can escape a dangerous situation and summon help to assist others.

Take a moment to gather situational awareness when you enter a new environment....and work to maintain your awareness of your surroundings, the hazards around you, the people nearby, and what those people are doing. Situational awareness.....get it.....keep it.....LIVE with it!

Take care and stay safe.


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