Fire Chief Tim Butler

Fire Chief Tim Butler
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Saturday, September 8, 2012


Day 8 - Campus Fire Safety Month

Today's "tip of the day" for Campus Fire Safety Month is this:  when choosing a campus dormitory, off-campus housing, or social gathering location, select one protected by an automatic fire sprinkler system.  Fire sprinklers are quiet, reliable, and provide superior 24-hour protection.  Fire sprinkler systems can significantly increase your chances of surviving a fire.  When paired with operating smoke detectors, fire sprinklers can cut your chances of dying in a fire by over 80%!!
Take a look at this video:  SIDE BY SIDE FIRE SPRINKLER DEMO
The video was filmed at the Saint Paul Fire Department's training center by KARE-11 television in the spring of 2012.  The video shows the effectiveness of automatic fire sprinkler systems using two identical living rooms.  One room is equipped with a fire sprinkler system, and the other room is not.   Identical fires were lit in each room in a dramatic side-by-side comparison.  As you watch the video please note a couple of important facts:

The smoke alarms went off in both rooms very early into the fire (about 45 seconds after the first flame appeared) - well in time for occupants to wake up and safely escape.  TEST THOSE SMOKE ALARMS MONTHLY!!!

The fire in the room equipped with the sprinkler was extinguished in roughly two minutes by a SINGLE sprinkler head;  the fire in the unprotected room completely consumed the room and all contents in less than four minutes.  No one could have survived in the inferno.

The heat and the carbon monoxide level in the room protected by the sprinkler system dropped dramatically once the sprinkler system activated.

So, whenever possible select housing and gathering places protected by sprinkler systems for peace of mind and a safer college experience for your student!

Take care and stay safe!


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