Fire Chief Tim Butler

Fire Chief Tim Butler
Thanks for checking out my web log! My radio call sign in Saint Paul is "Car 1." Join me as we go "On Scene" to the fire stations, training evolutions, emergency incidents, and community events in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Let's share perspectives on the issues facing our Department, our community, and the American Fire Service!

Monday, November 9, 2009


I start class at the Fire Academy in less than 2 hours! I’m excited and eager to begin!

As I record my impressions and experiences throughout the academy on this web log, keep in mind a couple of caveats:

First, my postings about the Academy are intended to journal my experiences and impressions. Out of respect to my classmates and my instructors, I will not be writing about other people’s experiences, nor will I be making observations or comments about their actions and performances. I am not in this academy to critique or to report about other people, but to be one of the recruits. Therefore – to a certain extent – “what happens at the academy....stays at the academy.” I’ll be focused on my thoughts and impressions, and I do not intend to embarrass others by reporting on their work.

Second, I don’t want my comments to be misinterpreted by fellow firefighters or instructors as policy directives or grounds for changing operational or training practices. Consider my role to be “recruit” – not “Fire Chief” in regards to the comments I make on these web log posts. Again, I’m trying to write from the perspective of an individual attending the academy, not from my perspective as Fire Chief. Official policy directions will still come through the chain of command.

I think that’s it. LET’S GO!


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